Product group Criteria Definition
Fresh, dried or fresh
frozen fruits,
vegetables and
All products that do not contain
additives comply. These include
dried, fresh frozen and/or sliced
fruits and vegetables, without
All types of fresh fruit, vegetables, and legumes that are
additive-free, including freshly frozen and/or sliced fruits &
vegetables. E.g.: pre-cut leek, pre-sliced melon, cucumber,
broccoli, frozen spinach (without added cream), and frozen
Processed fruits &
SAFA: ? 1.1 g/100g
TFA: ? 0.1 g/100g
Sodium: ? 100mg/100g
Added sugars: not added
Fibre: ? 1.3 g/100kcal*
All types of processed fruits & vegetables, with the exception
of fruit juices and frozen or pre-sliced fruit & vegetables that
have not undergone further processing. E.g.: canned
tomatoes, canned carrots, canned kidney beans, frozen
spinach with cream, frozen vegetables, tomato juice, dried
lentils, pickles (gherkins, pearl onions, relish), mixed
vegetable juices, fruit salads in own juice or syrup, apple
sauce, candied dates, strawberry purée, olives, mixed fruit &
vegetable purées or juices.
Fruit juices SAFA: ? 1.1 g/100g
TFA: ? 0.1 g/100g
Sodium: ? 100mg/100g
Added sugars: not added
Fibre: ? 0.75 g/100kcal*
Energy: ? 48 kcal/100mL
All kinds of fruit juices with a minimum of 98% pure juice.
E.g.: orange juice, apple juice, multi-fruit juice, grape juice,
berry juice.

* The source of fibre in a product must be naturally occurring in one of the main ingredients of the product group.

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